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Brokenness Made Whole

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Brokenness Made Whole Mission Statement

Brokenness Made Whole (BMW) is a fellowship of men and women who have come to a point in life where the absence of God has become painfully evident in their life. Whether by a broken marriage, substance abuse, pornography, trauma, abuse or some other sort of unchecked sin running rapidly through one’s life.

God has brought together a group of people who have been developed through the pain, heartache, trials and tribulations of life, but have experienced freedom through the Living Word of God.

Our purpose?

It is to share what has already been given to us through Jesus Christ. The Word of God has the tools to overcome the enemy of this world; who’s plan is to steal, kill and destroy what God has promised you.


We are a group of people who once served the father of lies, sinners, empty and void of love. But only through repentance and the birth, death, resurrection of Jesus Christ; we have obtained victory and peace that breaks the cycle of sin and shame. A place of peace that overwhelms and consoles our soul. With this peace and love, we desire to help others learn how to break the cycle of sin and bondage and live life to the fullest according to God’s original design for man!


We are looking for the broken, the battered and the abused in this community.

We are looking for the convicts, the drug addicts and drug dealers in this community.

We are looking for the abusers and batterers in this community.

We are calling out to the tired and hungry people in this community.


God has been preparing us and training us for the day you walk through our door.

We are here and ready for you!




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